Image Resizing with PHP and SimpleImage Library

How to resize images with PHP using the SimpleImage Library

I always forget how to do this even though its pretty simple once you know what to do.

Here is how i resize images if they are over a certain width. All you should need for this is the simple image class and the image file location on the server.

Lets initialise the simple image class. (you can get the latest version from here : )


$image_location = "myimage.jpg";
$image = new \crud\SimpleImage();

Get the image width value in pixels

$image_width = $image->getWidth();

check if the image width is greater than the width you want to rezize.

if($image_width > 900) {

if you leave the second variable null then it will auto resize to 900 width.

then lets save it as a jpg and return the image file name

$new_image_file = 'new-image.png';
$image->toFile($new_image_file, 'image/png');
return $new_image_file;

Nice and easy image resizing with PHP and SimpleImage.

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