How to make your code look nice

This one is just in case you don't like using the tab button or maybe you have inherited some code that is just a big mess.

Using the Code Beautifier Tool you can just paste in the code, and it adds tabs and indenting for you.

So you can paste in some code like this: (this is just some random minified css)

.y,.yp,.yf,.yi,.yl,.ye{}.z1asCe,.qa__svg-icon{display:inline-block;fill:currentColor;height:24px;line-height:24px;position:relative;width:24px}.z1asCe svg,.qa__svg-icon svg{display:block;height:100%;width:100%}.s2er{}.s2fp{}.s2fp-h{}.s2ml{}.s2ra{}.s2tb{}.s2tb-h{}.spch{}.spchc{}.spch-dlg{background:transparent;border:none}.spch{background:#fff;height:100%;left:0;opacity:0;overflow:hidden;position:fixed;text-align:left;top:0;visibility:hidden;width:100%;z-index:10000;transition:visibility 0s linear 0.218s,background-color 0.218s}.s2fp.spch{opacity:1;visibility:visible;transition-delay:0s}.s2tb-h.spch{background:rgba(255,255,255,0);opacity:0;visibility:hidden}.s2tb.spch{background:rgba(255,255,255,0);opacity:1;visibility:visible;transition-delay:0s}.close-button{background:none;border:none;color:#777;cursor:pointer;font-size:26px;right:0;height:11px;line-height:15px;margin:15px;opacity:.6;padding:0;position:absolute;top:0;width:15px;z-index:10}.close-button:hover{opacity:.8}.close-button:active{opacity:1}

And it will turn it into something more readable, like this:

.z1asCe,.qa__svg-icon {

Here is a link to the Code Beautifier

Here is a quick video on how to use the Code Beautifier

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