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1:56 am, August 11, 2021

Move from Backup and Sync to Google Drive for Desktop

So i saw this update today for google backup and sync, and turns out that is is an awesome update!

Now you can stream your files from Google Drive to your PC rather than having to choose which files to update. 

I was actually thinking that ubuntu linux file explorer already has this option of browsing all of your files and then if you need to open one it steams or downloads it to your PC.

The install process is fairly simple as well. 

So apparently the new version of Google Drive has Offline and Online file mode, so you can browse your whole google drive on your pc with out having to download everything!

Download Google Drive for Desktop

Go here to download the new version of google drive which will replace backup and sync if you already have that installed.

check your files

on installing drive for desktop it needs to then go through your existing backup and sync files, and check if there is any differences to the ones on you google drive. If you dont have an existing installation of backup and sync then you can skip this step. 

now you can steam instead of syncing files, which is nice for hd space. 

steaming files instead of selective sync

the ubuntu desktop file manager already did this built in, but if you are running windows this is a new option (which is awesome) you now get access to the while drive, by selecting stream my drive files

Then the last step is to remove backup and sync from your PC, sad to see you go Backup and Sync but happy to have the new Google Drive for Desktop.

Removing Backup and Sync

and thats it google drive is ready to go, but where is this new drive??

Well now its added as a drive letter to explorer so you dont have to search through the random directory structure that it used to be added as. 

How to find the new google drive

just open your windows explorer and its added as a drive letter. 


So far my experience with the new google drive seems great, but i have only been using it for an hour so far. And its not taking up any storage on my drive anymore!

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