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RS3 Runescape Archaeology 1-99 Leveling Guide List (of where to dig)

1-99 Archaeology Quick Guide.

This is a rough list of where to go at what Archaeology Level you are for maximum exp.

Level 1-5: Varrock Digsite Tutorial

Level 5-12: Venator Remains (Kharid-et)

Level 12-17: Legionary Remains (Kharid-et)

Level 17-20: Castra Debris (Kharid-et)

Level 20-24: Lodge Bar Storage (Infernal Source)

Level 24-25: Lodge Art Storage (Infernal Source)

Level 25-29: Administratum Debris (Kharid-et)

Level 29-36: Cultist Footlocker (Infernal Source)

Level 36-42: Sacrificial Altar (Infernal Source)

Get the Assistant Qualification

Level 42-45: Prodromoi Remains (Everlight)

Level 45-47: Dis Dungeon Debris (Infernal Source)

Level 47-48: Praesidio Remains (Kharid-et)

Level 48-51: Monoceros Remains (Everlight)

Level 51-56: Amphitheatre Debris (Everlight)

Level 56-58: Ceramics Studio Debris (Everlight)

Level 58-61: Carcerem Debris (Kharid-et)

Level 61-65: Stadio Debris (Everlight)

Level 65-68: Infernal Art (Infernal Source)

Level 68-69: Shakroth remains (Infernal Source)

Level 69-70: Dominion Games Podium (Everlight)

Get the Associate Qualification

Level 70-72: Ikovian Memorial (Stormguard)

Level 72-74: Oikos Studio Debris (Everlight)

Level 74-76: Kharid-et chapel Debris (Kharid-et)

76 until all artifacts: Keshik Ger Remains (Stormguard)

Level 76-81: Gladiatorial Goblin Remains (Warforge)

Level 81-83: Pontifex Remains (Kharid-et)

Level 83-84: Goblin Dorm Remains (Warforge)

Level 84-85: Oikos Fishing Hut Remnants (Everlight)

Level 85-86: Weapons Research (Stormguard)

Level 86-89: Orcus Altar (Kharid-et)

Level 89-91: Big High War God Shrine (Warforge)

Get the Professor Qualification

Level 91-92:  Gravitron Research (Stormguard)

Level 92-93: Acropolis Debris (Everlight)

Level 93-94: Armarium Debris (Kharid-et) (You can stay here until 99, if you want to max your gold and dont want to move around too much)

Level 94-95: Yu’Buisk Animal Pen (Warforge)

Level 95-97: Keshik Tower Debris (Stormguard)

Level 97-98: Goblin Trainee Remains (Warforge)

Level 98-99: Byzroth Remains (Infernal Source)

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