RS3 Divination locations 1-99

Divination locations.

Level Location Type
1-10 West of Lumbridge Crater Pale
10-20 North of Falador Flickering
20-30 Between Varrock and the Digsite Bright
30-40 South-east of Seers’ Village Glowing
40-50 South-east of Rellekka Sparkling
50-60 North-east of Shilo Village Gleaming
60-70 North of Moibilising Armies Vibrant
70-75 East of the Slayer Tower Lustrous
75-80 Elder Halls (Fate of the Gods required) Elder
80-85 East of the Mage Training Arena Brilliant
85-90 Dragontooth Island Radiant
90-95 Southern Sophanem Luminous
95-99 South of the Poison Waste Incandescent

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