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2:51 am, January 14, 2021

i love this app, easily upload your clipboard to imgur!

I dont know why i didnt search for this earlier.

A nice simple app that uploads to imgur.

All you have to do is run the app, then it sits in your tray.

Copy the image you want into gimp or whatever, then copy the bit you need, and right click the tray icon to upload to imgur and it gives you the url back in your clipboard to paste back into whatever you like. 

I guess its only a bit harder than loading the imgur site, and then clicking add new post and then dragging the file on there or pasting it there, but still saves a few steps. 

Another app that i already had that also uploads to imgur is ShareX, i only just noticed this. So this might be even more useful as it removes the step of pasting into gimp and then uploading it. 

The only thing i dont like about ShareX is that every time you start it up, it wants to do an update which is really annoying, i guess this can probably be disabled in settings. 

Just checked and its one of the 1st things in the applications settings. 

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