OSRS Members Fishing Guide

Here is the method that i used to level fishing. In members OSRS. This is fairly AFK using this method so you can dual login, or do something else while fishing and just listen out for the inventory full noise.

I bring an axe and tinderbox as well so i can cook and then drop the fish, which makes this take a bit longer but i prefer to have cooking leveled up as well to match the fishing as i actually want to be able to use these for leveling combat later on and saves a bit of cash. Some guides suggest to just shift click all the fish without cooking but i think its better to cook and then drop, or later on you can bank it if its worth the cash. 

If you want to do it quick with no cooking or banking you can get this done in about 220 - 250 hours. Using the shift click drop method to clear out the fish from your inventory. However i prefer to level cooking and also bank some of the fish so i dont really like doing this as i think its a bit wasteful both to GP and to other exp you can get from fishing. 

Levels: 1 - 24

Shrimp and Anchovies - Netting

I saw some thing that reccommend just doing the Sea Slug Quest to get these levels quite quickly, but i didnt bother looking this up and just sat down at Lumbridge Swamp and netted shrimp and anchovies until level 25. 

Levels: 24 - 58

Trout and Salmon - Fly Fishing

The best location for this (that i used) was near the barbarian village. Its a fairly easy spot to fish. You will need to bring a Fly Fishing rod and feathers. You can buy this from the Grand Exchange if you dont already have it. For this fishing if you want to bank the salmon you can just use the Edgeville Bank, which is not that much of a trip.

Other decent locations for trout and salmon fishing are: 

  • Shilo Village
  • Seers' Village - to the North
  • Baxtorian Falls - to the south

Levels: 58 - 99

Leaping Fish (Salmon, Trout and Sturgeon) - Barbarian Fishing

Catching Leaping fish from barbarian fishing is the quickest way to level from 58 to 99. You will need to complete a mini quest to start fishing for leaping fish. Also you need 30 Agility and 30 Strength. 

More details on Barbarian Fishing can be found here.

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