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OSRS Optimal Quest Guide


Old School Runescape Quest Guide
Quest/Action QG New levels after finishing quest Quest points Total QP Additional info
The Restless Ghost QG 1 1 Run from skeletons.
Imp Catcher QG 1 2 Buy all beads on the Grand Exchange(GE) for

4,881. For money, complete the Stronghold of Security for 10,000. Alternatively the player can kill cowsand tan their cowhide into leather in Al Kharid, earning 3,584 on the GE per inventory. See the money making guide for more info.

Witch's Potion QG 1 3  
Client of Kourend QG 1 4 Use the 20% favour reward on the Piscarilius House to meet The Queen of Thieves start requirement. Use both 500xp rewards on Agility iconAgility.
Waterfall Quest QG 1 5  
Druidic Ritual QG 4 9 Grants access to the Herblore skill. Buy the materials on the GE.
Murder Mystery QG 3 12  
Monk's Friend QG 1 13  
Black Knights' Fortress QG   3 16  
Recruitment Drive QG 1 17  
Hazeel Cult QG 1 18 If choosing the good side, remember there are two "rewards". The first is 5 coins. Find the poison in cupboard on 1st floor (upstairs) for the second reward: 2000 coins and 1500xp in Thieving iconThieving.

Choosing the bad side gives you the full reward at once.

Observatory Quest QG 2 20 This quest has 12 variations of random rewards, which may include 875xp in either Attack iconAttackStrength iconStrength, or Defence iconDefence.
Witch's House QG 4 24  
Merlin's Crystal QG   6 30  
Holy Grail QG 2 32 Low level players are advised to use a Halberd to fight the Titan.
Tree Gnome Village QG 2 34 Allows the use of Spirit Trees.
Priest in Peril QG 1 35  
Rag and Bone Man QG 1 36 Start this quest to unlock the unique bone drops, but completion is optional until Rag and Bone Man 2 must be started.
Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl(miniquest)     0 36 Allows use of Barbarian Outpost Agility course.
Scorpion Catcher QG 1 37  
Plague City QG 1 38 Allows use of Ardougne teleport spell.
Biohazard QG 3 41 Allows access to Combat Training Camp.
Jungle Potion QG 1 42  
Dwarf Cannon QG 1 43  
Nature Spirit QG 2 45  
Vampire Slayer QG 3 48  
Cook's Assistant QG 1 49  
Death Plateau QG 1 50  
Goblin Diplomacy QG 5 55  
Fight Arena QG 2 57  
The Queen of Thieves QG 1 58 30 Crafting is required to obtain 20% favour with Piscarilius House, unless the Client of Kourend reward is used on Piscarilius House.
Train Agility icon Agility to 18 from 13
The Depths of Despair QG 1 59 20% favour with the Hosidius House is required to start.

Given you already have at least 20% favour with the Piscarilius House, gaining favour with Hosidius House will cause you to lose that previous favour. Thus, you should try to get to 100% favour first to prevent losses.

Alternatively, as the quest does not unlock any further quests, you can leave this for later and train the Agilityyourself from 13 to 22.

Mountain Daughter QG 2 61  
Gertrude's Cat QG 1 62  
Icthlarin's Little Helper QG 2 64 This quest is difficult without Protect from Magic at 37 Prayer and at the current players combat level. It may be wise to train prayer before doing this to get the protect from prayers.
Tribal Totem QG 1 65  
The Dig Site QG 2 67  
The Golem QG 1 68  
The Knight's Sword QG 1 69  
Elemental Workshop I QG 1 70  
Recipe for Disaster: Another Cook's quest QG   1 71  
Recipe for Disaster: Goblin generals QG 1 72  
Demon Slayer QG   3 75  
Shadow of the Storm QG 1 76 Use XP reward on Magic iconMagic.
Elemental Workshop II QG 1 77 Grants ability to make and use elemental mind equipment.
Train Woodcutting icon Woodcutting to 36 from 22
Lost City QG   3 80 Allows use of the dragon longswordand dragon dagger.
Fairytale I - Growing Pains QG 2 82 Allows use of Fairy ring network by starting Fairytale II - Cure a Queen.
Shield of Arrav QG   1 83  
Rune Mysteries QG   1 84 Grants access to the Runecrafting iconRunecraftingskill.
The Grand Tree QG 5 89 Allows use of gnome glidertransportation system.
Creature of Fenkenstrain QG 2 91  
A Soul's Bane QG 1 92  
The Lost Tribe QG 1 93  
Death to the Dorgeshuun QG 1 94  
Train Firemaking icon Firemaking to 16 from 1
Train Magic icon Magic to 33 from 30
The Giant Dwarf QG 2 96  
Another Slice of H.A.M. QG 1 97  
Making History QG 3 100  
In Search of the Myreque QG 2 102  
In Aid of the Myreque QG 2 104 A good tip for lower levels: Using efaritay's aid allows you to use other weapons than silver sickle when equipped.
Natural history quiz(miniquest) N/A 0 104  
Acquire 100 Kudos
Bone Voyage QG   1 105 Requires 100 Kudos. If the guide has been followed closely, players should have 78 Kudos before completion of Bone Voyage. Once Bone Voyage is complete, begin doing bird house runsregularly to train Hunter.
Wanted! QG 1 106  
The Feud QG 1 107  
Troll Stronghold QG   1 108 Grants ability to make law runes.
Troll Romance QG 2 110  
Dragon Slayer QG 2 112 Grants ability to wear the rune platebodygreen d'hide body and dragon platebody.
Horror from the Deep QG 2 114  
Shilo Village QG 2 116  
Shades of Mort'ton QG 3 119 Bring the diary of Herbi Flax to the Apothecary in Varrock for 335 Herblore experience.
Doric's Quest QG 1 120  
Train Ranged icon Ranged to 37 from 23
Spirits of the Elid QG 2 122  
Train Construction icon Construction to 5 from 1
Darkness of Hallowvale QG 2 124 Use all XP rewards on Smithing iconSmithing.
Tower of Life QG 2 126  
Train Fishing icon Fishing to 10 from 1
Fishing Contest QG 1 127  
Recipe for Disaster: Dwarf QG 1 128  
Train Cooking icon Cooking to 20 from 19 (consider training to 22 for maximum efficiency)
Ghosts Ahoy QG 2 130  
Train Cooking icon Cooking to 22 from 20
Forgettable Tale... QG 2 132  
Garden of Tranquillity QG 2 134  
Enlightened Journey QG 1 135 Allows use of Balloon transport system.
Recipe for Disaster: Evil Dave QG 1 136 Provides access to Spicy Stews, which can be useful for boosting stats.
Train Fletching icon Fletching to 5 from 1
Big Chompy Bird Hunting QG 2 138 Grants ability to make Ogre arrows.
Zogre Flesh Eaters QG 1 139  
Recipe for Disaster: Pirate Pete QG 1 140  
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio QG 2 142 You must return to the brothers after completing the quest to claim all experience rewards.
The Tourist Trap QG 2 144 Choose Smithing iconSmithing for both XP rewards.
Train Herblore icon Herblore to 31 from 25
Eadgar's Ruse QG 1 145  
My Arm's Big Adventure QG 1 146 Requires 60% Tai Bwo favour to start.
The Fremennik Trials QG 3 149  
Train Construction icon Construction to 20 from 17
The Fremennik Isles QG 1 150  
Train Cooking icon Cooking to 41 from 36
Recipe for Disaster: Lumbridge Guide QG 1 151  
Recipe for Disaster: Skrach Uglogwee QG 1 152  
Ernest the Chicken QG   4 156  
Animal Magnetism QG 1 157  
Haunted Mine QG 2 159  
Train Mining icon Mining to 40 from 37
Watchtower QG 4 163  
Prince Ali Rescue QG   3 166  
Contact! QG 1 167 Use Combat lamp on Magic iconMagic.
Train Magic icon Magic to 46 from 42
The Eyes of Glouphrie QG 2 169  
Enter the Abyss(miniquest) N/A 0 169  
Train Firemaking icon Firemaking to 30 from 25
Sea Slug QG 1 170  
Train Firemaking icon Firemaking to 40 from 30
Train Woodcutting icon Woodcutting to 50 from 42
Olaf's Quest QG 1 171  
Train Firemaking icon Firemaking to 50 from 40
Tears of Guthix QG 1 172 Also gives access to the Tears of Guthix minigame, which provides experience in your lowest skill.
Ratcatchers QG 2 174  
Train Ranged icon Ranged to 40 from 38
Temple of Ikov QG 1 175  
One Small Favour QG 2 177 Use Antique lamp on Smithing iconSmithing.
A Tail of Two Cats QG 2 179 Use Antique lamp on Smithing iconSmithing.
Train Smithing icon Smithing to 50 from 45
Between a Rock... QG 2 181  
Train Slayer icon Slayer to 30 from 25
Train Runecrafting icon Runecrafting to 30 from 23
The Slug Menace QG 1 182  
Train Slayer icon Slayer to 42 from 30
Skippy and the Mogres(miniquest) N/A   0 182 Required for killing mogres in Rag and Bone Man II.
Rag and Bone Man II N/A 1 183  
Lair of Tarn Razorlor(miniquest) N/A 0 183  
Monkey Madness I QG 3 186 Talk to Daero for 35,000xp in Attack iconAttackand Defence iconDefence and 20,000xp in Strength iconStrength and Hitpoints iconHitpoints.
It is strongly recommended to train to level 43 Prayer iconPrayer before completing this quest.
Train Construction icon Construction to 34 from 26
Train Hunter icon Hunter to 10 from 9
Cold War QG 1 187  
Train Hunter icon Hunter to 27 from 10
Eagles' Peak QG 2 189  
Underground Pass QG 5 194  
Train Fishing icon Fishing to 50 from 33
Train Prayer icon Prayer to 47 from 39
Train Farming icon Farming to 40 from 35
Rum Deal QG 2 196  
Sheep Shearer QG 1 197  
Misthalin Mystery QG 1 198  
Train Crafting icon Crafting to 45 from 43
Pirate's Treasure QG   2 200  
Cabin Fever QG 2 202  
Train Prayer icon Prayer to 50 from 47
The Great Brain Robbery QG 2 204 Use Blessed lamp on Runecrafting iconRunecrafting for 5,000xp.
Train Crafting icon Crafting to 50 from 46
The Hand in the Sand QG 1 205  
Train Mining icon Mining to 45 from 41
Enakhra's Lament QG 2 207  
Train Mining icon Mining to 50 from 46
Train Cooking icon Cooking to 53 from 40
Train Fishing icon Fishing to 53 from 50
Heroes' Quest QG 1 208  
Throne of Miscellania QG   1 209  
Royal Trouble QG 1 210  
Train Magic icon Magic to 50 from 48
Train Thieving icon Thieving to 53 from 44
Desert Treasure QG 3 213  
Curse of the Empty Lord(miniquest) N/A   0 213 Requires starting Desert Treasure and obtaining the Ring of visibility
You can talk to Historian Minas to claim a 10,000 Experience Antique lamp Antique lampto use on a skill over level 50 in place of training skills later.
The General's Shadow(miniquest) QG 0 213 Requires the Ring of visibility
Train Magic icon Magic to 59 from 51
Train Mining icon Mining to 52 from 50
Train Herblore icon Herblore to 45 from 39
Train Agility icon Agility to 50 from 44
A Taste of Hope QG   1 214 Use Tome of Experience on Smithing iconSmithing and/or Prayer icon Prayer
Family Crest QG   1 215  
Legends' Quest QG   4 219 Use the experience on either Prayer iconPrayeror Smithing iconSmithing, as those are both relatively hard to train, and are useful or required in further quests.
Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze QG 1 220  
Easy Achievement Diaries N/A   0 220 Use all Blessed lamp on either Herblore iconHerblore or Smithing iconSmithing.
Medium Achievement Diaries N/A   0 220 Use all Antique lamp on either Herblore iconHerblore or Smithing iconSmithing.
Train Farming icon Farming to 46 from 41 (Boost to 49)
Train Herblore icon Herblore to 53 from 45 (Boost to 57)
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen QG 2 222  
Train Cooking icon Cooking to 66 from 53 (Boost to 70)
Recipe for Disaster: Awowogei QG 1 223  
Train Agility icon Agility to 56 from 50
Regicide QG 3 226  
Roving Elves QG 1 227  
Sheep Herder QG   4 231  
Train Ranged icon Ranged to 60 from 42
Mourning's Ends Part I QG 2 233  
Mourning's Ends Part II QG 2 235  
Train Magic icon Magic to 65 from 59
Train Crafting icon Crafting to 61 from 49
Train Mining icon Mining to 60 from 52
Train Woodcutting icon Woodcutting to 55 from 50
Lunar Diplomacy QG 2 237  
What Lies Below QG 1 238  
Train Defence icon Defence to 65 from 49
King's Ransom QG 1 239  
Knight Waves Training Grounds(miniquest) N/A 0 239  
Train Magic icon Magic to 66 from 65
Train Fishing icon Fishing to 62 from 53
Swan Song QG 2 241  
Recipe for Disaster: The final battle QG   1 242 Use the Antique lamp on a hard to train skill above level 50, such as Smithing iconSmithing.
Train Agility icon Agility to 59 from 57
Train Woodcutting icon Woodcutting to 68 from 55 (Boost to 71)
Train Thieving icon Thieving to 58 from 54
Grim Tales QG 1 243  
Train Multicombat Combat to 85 (Use Slayer to 69 for efficiency)
Dream Mentor QG 2 245  
Train Hunter icon Hunter to 60 from 29
Train Firemaking icon Firemaking to 66 from 50
Train Agility icon Agility to 63 from 59 (Boost to 68)
Train Slayer icon Slayer to 69 from 44
Train Crafting icon Crafting to 70 from 61
Train Mining icon Mining to 71 from 60 (Boost to 72)
Romeo & Juliet QG   5 250  
Making Friends with My Arm QG 2 252  
Monkey Madness II QG 4 256  
Train Smithing icon Smithing to 65 from 51
Train Runecrafting icon Runecrafting to 50 from 37
Train Fletching icon Fletching to 50 from 30
Devious Minds QG 1 257  
Train Magic icon Magic to 75 from 66
Train Smithing icon Smithing to 70 from 65
Train Thieving icon Thieving to 60 from 58
Train Construction icon Construction to 50 from 36
Dragon Slayer II QG 5 262  
All Stats icon quest XP rewards from this point do not impact any other quests, and therefore require no specific order of completion.
The Corsair Curse QG   2 264  
Clock Tower QG   1 265  
Tale of the Righteous QG   1 266 Requires 20% Shayzien House Favour.

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