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Efficient OSRS Maxing Guide

I found this an easier way to read this guide, Source is down below.


Aim for quest cape ASAP
Do early:
99 Fishing
91 Thieving (get rogue at 80)
Complete diaries as soon as you get the reqs
85 Smith before 99 Mining, 85 FM before 99 WC (Infernal tools)
Agility + Crafting before RC are nice but not incredibly important
You have to get 86 RC to do Karamja elite to train at Brimhaven efficiently for 80+ Agil anyways
NMZ your melees whenever possible, higher melees is better before Slayer and post-99 xp doesn't hurt
Keep your Strength a fair bit higher than your Attack since it's more beneficial to DPS
94 Magic before Slayer
98 or 99 Prayer before Slayer (not big deal but may as well)
Farm when you do bank skills (or always if you're doing post-max xp)
Save Slayer for last because it gets devalued the most (though maybe do it before other big buyables since you need a lot of gp for gear + supplies, and other buyables are fast)
Don't do buyables unless you have the money to do them efficiently. Do Craft/Herb/Smith > Pray/Con/FM since having more capital is beneficial for the former but not latter


Kandarin hard for 60+ Agility w/tele
Lumbridge & Draynor elite for extra slayer block
Varrock med/elite for Mining & free battlestaff gp
Western Provinces hard for Red chin hunter area
Karamja elite for Brimhaven (REQUIRED) and useful for Slayer w/Duradel
Desert hard useful for sceptre charges at PP (Don't need elite if you have 99 HP + regen brace for Mining)
Ardougne elite for free marks if you do Ardy agility
Morytania elite for bonecrusher with Slayer (not too important)
Falador elite for tree protection (not too important + prosp kinda waste of time)


Desert elite - fk kq
Fremennik (has closest tele to trolls for slayer, but meh)
Kandarin elite - BA roles can take a while or cost a lot
Wilderness diary - useless

This being said, diary cape is useful for its teleports and is a nice thing to have done on an account.
If you choose to do all diaries, do them ASAP when you get the reqs so the xp lamps will benefit you more.


Fishing: 3t Barbarian fishing
Mining: 3t Granite > 3t 2s2g > Blast mine
Woodcutting: 2t Teaks (ape atoll)
Hunter: 3t/0t trapping red chins (WP hard diary area) or black chins
Runecraft: Lava runes / Astrals (non-alt option)
Agility: Brimhaven > Ardy
Cooking: 1t/2t Karambwans > Wines
Firemaking: Burning Redwoods > Wintertodt
Thieving: Blackjacking / Pyramid Plunder / footknights
Farming: Magics, Palms & Calquats, don't pay and use Resurrect crop from Arc book
Smithing: Blast Furnace gold
Construction: Oak dungeon doors / Mahogany tables / Teak benches (depends on gp situation)
Herblore: Make potions (varies a lot, many viable high level pots)
Crafting: Battlestaves / D'hide bodies
Prayer: Dragon bones on gilded altar (bank at cammy chest in PvP world)
Magic: Alch/Imbue to 94, then barrage Slayer
Fletching: Broads / Steel/Mith/Addy darts during agil, wc, hunter, slayer (could do other skills too)
Attack/Strength: NMZ Dharoks / Whip (20min AFK) + Slayer
Defence/Ranged: Chin MM2 tunnels + Slayer
Use Duradel
Point boost with wildy tasks or Turael to get some starter points
With points: Blocklist > Superior Slayer > useful unlocks > Slayer rings > Slayer helm
Imbue slayer helm once you get to the level for barrage tasks
Barrage smokes, nechs, maybe dust (alt ideal for these)
Cannon dags, kalphites, suqahs, trolls, maybe bloodvelds
Point boost dark beasts, baby black dragons (unextended)
Don't unlock any tasks. Extend Nechs
Block the most common tasks that are bad: Abyssal demons > Hellhounds > Greater demons = Cave kraken > Gargoyle = Black demon > Skeletal wyvern = Aberrant Spectre = Spritual creatures = Steel dragon
Skip everything else
Always use Slaughter/Expeditious bracelets. Slaughter for Smokes, Nechs, Dags, Kalphites, Expeditious for rest (i think)
Bludgeon Kalphites & maybe Trolls
Ideal gear:
Melee: Bandos, Torture, Prims, Whip + Bludgeon, Dragon defender, Berserker (i), Infernal/Fcape
Magic: Ancestral, Kodai wand, Arcane, Occult, Eternals, God cape, Seers (i)


it sucks
Your options are play an alt or don't play an alt
If you play an alt:
Do Abyss RC, Gargoyles, Merching, or other methods (many options) on your alt while maintaining efficient rates on your main
If you don't play an alt:
Do Astral RC or Cerb slayer for primary cash and/or merch
Do Broads for fletching
Do Oak doors for construction
Do Bstaves for crafting
Consider Super combats for 90+ herblore


Should I get bonus xp outfits?
Lumberjack: Yes
Angler: No, unless you are getting < 50k/hr or want it for master clues
Pyromancer: No
Prospector: No, but if you want fally diary then yes
Farmer: No
If you're going for 200m all: Yes to all

Put lamps on RC or Agility.
Do TOG if your lowest skill is RC, Agility, Fishing or Mining (only about 400k xp a year, so not a big deal)


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