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5:22 am, August 2, 2021

checking if your windows pc has a TPM

what the heck is a TPM?

well now that windows 11 requires one, everyone needs to have one apparently. 

want to check if you have a TPM, well it will depend on a few things, most of the chatter about TPM's mentions that if you have purchaced a pc in the last 4-5 years then you will probably have one. 

What is a TPM?

Its official name is: Trusted Platform Module (TPM), luckly this was a thing before windows decided that all pc's will need it to run windows 11.

Its a setting in your computers bios usually, and it will need to be enabled for it to work in windows. 

How can i check if its already enabled

Windows 10 already has a tool to check if you have a TPM and if its enabled. I currently am hoping that this PC actually already has one, but not sure yet. 

here are the steps to check if you already have a TPM in windows 10. 

open a command prompt

[windows key] + R

type in cmd and press [enter]

now in a command window type in... tpm.msc this runs the ms tool for TPM

Looks like mine is missing or not enabled, ill have to reboot and get into the bios and see if i can find and enable the setting. 

Not looking good so far

But i still have hope...

Ok i checked in the bios, i have a gigabyte B360 something or other, and the closeset thing i could see to secure platform was the intel one. 

Intel Platform Trust Technology, yep not TPM but hey will see what happens. 

I guess ill flick that on and see what happens.

Well the PC is still booting so that is a good start, see if the tpm thingo does anything now. 

Seems that is working, onto the next step for checking for secure boot options. 

Windows 11

So now im ready for the insider build of windows 11, you can just enable this if you have an insider windows account and then select the chanel you want to have installed. I did the Beta build as it said its more stable. 

Further Reading / Related:,(WDDM)%202.0%20or%20greater. 

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