AFK Skills List in Priffddinas RS3 - AFK Prif Skills (for short)

Here is my list of AFK or away from keyboard skills for the city of Priffddinas in RS3.

Some skills are more afk than others, but here is my list, these are in no way the fastest methods of training, but they are the AFK Methods. 

Mining Seren Stones - South East (Mining XP)
Drop's Corrupted ore for smithing xp

Corrupted Ore - ( Smithing XP)
South East of the Mining Stones, do batches of 60 ores, semi-afk.

Hefen Agility - (Agility XP)
Not super AFK but cheaper than using silvehawk boots, although this is much better for AFK.

Serenity Post - Agility XP

Another method that is not quite AFK for agility training, is posing on the Serenity posts. To gt maxiumum xp from this you really need to match the pose. on the top, but if you just leave it there you do still get lower XP, quite signicantly lower. 

I think the XP on this is capped as well from memory to 20k per day. Once the blue bar gets to full then you cant do the posts again until the next RS day. 

If you hover over the bar it will tell you how much is left for the day.

Water Fall Fishing (Fishing XP)
Mithril Grappel and Crossbow to get there

Harps (Crafting XP and also Construction)
Ithel District - Mostly Crafting and a small amount of Construction.
Click the harp, every couple of minutes.  Pretty Low xp per hour, but it is AFK.

Cleaning Crystals (Prayer XP)
Buy the crystals and then use them on the larger crystal. Its a fairly expensive way of training prayer, but still cheaper than some bones. Plus its fairly AFK. 
Best to do this method on double xp weekend to save some GP.

Thieving Workers (Thieving  XP)
Not super afk but, as good as it get for afk Thieving .
You can just click any worker to pickpocket them.  It auto theves them until you get caught.
You can pickpocket them 3 times until they are locked out in that district for 20 minutes, then you have to move to a different district and repeat.

Bonfire - (Firemaking XP)
The bonfire is located in the center, Northwest of the middle. It does save logs as well. Does not work with noted logs, but it is very close to a bank so you can do it semi afk even without protien logs.
You can add logs to the bonfire in the center of prif here.

I tried this with protien logs, and it just adds them all until you log out.

One full inventory of magic logs takes... about 2 minutes to burn. So every 2 minutes you can just go to the bank. 

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