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3:20 am, December 10, 2020

RS3 Quick Daily Run Logs

Here i am going to log some daily runs doing the RS3 Quick Daily Run initially from here. Just to see if its actually worth the time spent daily on doing the run. 

First Log is 14 Minutes (i thought it was 10, but i got a bit distracted, and also accidently teleported from the wildy mage).

10 Dec 2020

Start Cash:

Start Time:

End Time:
1:48 (with distractions)

Total Time:
14 Mins.

Money Left after run:

After Selling at GE -5% of rec price:

Run Profit:

If i got this exact amount every day for 30 days it would be...:

A bond is currently about 28mil, so $14mil left over after buying 2 bonds for 30 days membership. Ill see how it goes after a few runs and average it out. for 14 minutes work its not bad. 14 Minutes work a day to keep membership on one account. 

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